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The Passion Behind the Solutions

Since Blackboard acquired Terriblyclever Design LLC
in 2009 to form Blackboard Mobile, we've helped
hundreds of institutions achieve their mobile
teaching & learning and campus life goals with our mobile solutions.

In our San Francisco office, work and play blur together. Here you'll find developers, ping-pong players, recent college graduates, Blackboard and industry veterans, and even an office dog roaming the halls every once in a while. Our backgrounds are as diverse as our day-to-day job descriptions. We come from Argentina, Canada, China, France, India, Iran, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and the United States. Our office is a place where boundaries are pushed by a bright team with a student-focused perspective and an understanding of what always connected and always "on" can really achieve.

Together we are building a global community of institutions collaborating on the edge of the mobile revolution. That means our clients will always get fresh ideas, proven solutions, and worldwide, connected support.

Who We Are

Meet a few members of our 50-person team.

Dane Iverson

Dane Iverson

Head of Blackboard Mobile

Dane became Head of Blackboard Mobile after 20 years in technology and business roles in and around Silicon Valley. After majoring in Public Policy at Stanford University, Dane held various positions in Finance and Investor Relations at companies like Lehman Brothers and NetSchools. He became CFO of Xythos Software Inc. in 2000. Blackboard acquired Xythos in 2007, and two years later the Blackboard Connect team brought Dane on as the VP of Operations and Strategy. In that role, Dane oversaw operating plans and budgets for the entire line of business across all markets. His valuable experience overseeing Product Management, expanding business internationally, and developing operating plans to meet strategic business goals prepared him perfectly for this new role in Mobile. As Head of Mobile, Dane manages and oversees engineering, support, design, product management, product marketing, and operations. Dane and his wife have three boys under the age of 5, which means that although Dane would like to spend his free time skiing, he actually spends it breaking up wrestling matches.

Deanna Nelson

Deanna Nelson

Vice President of Sales, Blackboard Mobile

Deanna joined the Blackboard family in 2009, where she has held various roles including Director of Client Management, and Regional Vice President for North American Higher Education for Blackboard Learn. With a passion for building relationships with clients, Deanna achieved tremendous results and was named "Coach of the Year" in 2010. When the role in Mobile opened up, the Mobile team jumped at the chance to nab Deanna, and she came on board in early 2013. Before Blackboard, Deanna led sales for Centennial Software and worked for various other software companies including Serena Software, Symantec Corporation, and Discovery Communications, Inc. Deanna, her husband, and their two children live just outside Washington, DC. They spend their free time riding motorcycles, doing ballet (both Deanna and her daughter!) and engaging in nerdy technology.

Pablo Jablonski

Lead iOS Engineer, Blackboard Mobile

Pablo joined Terriblyclever in late 2007 as one of the iPhone developers working on the launch of iStanford. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pablo did his best to inject some international culture into the startup development team, and has continued his mission after the Blackboard acquisition. When Pablo is not coding some new iPhone features, he enjoys getting outside as much as possible, including skiing and windsurfing, as well as just relaxing in the sun.

Ryan Irwin

Ryan Irwin

Head of Product, Blackboard Mobile

Since joining Terriblyclever Design, Ryan wrapped up a degree in Electrical Engineering at Princeton and moved back home to San Francisco to join Blackboard Mobile in full force. As passionate about education as he is about technology, Ryan seeks to bring the best of San Francisco tech to students and teachers around the world. When he doesn't have a dry-erase marker in hand, Ryan will probably be outdoors: biking, hiking, climbing and more.

John Dennett

Director of Customer & Community Strategy, Blackboard Mobile

John is a man of many hats and a Blackboard veteran. Prior to joining the Mobile Team, John had been a member of the Blackboard Solutions Engineering team for more than 5 years. Before embarking upon his 15-plus year career in educational technology, John spent a decade in the music industry and three years in comic book publishing. Highlights include singing onstage with Trent Reznor, sharing a deli tray with James Brown, and eating waffles with Joey Ramone. He loves music, his family and is admittedly obsessed with mobile technology.

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Emily Wilson

Director of Product Marketing, Blackboard Mobile

Emily has worn many hats since leaving Cornell University in 2000: an Anthropologist, an English teacher in Prague, and a Product Marketer for German automobiles. As someone whose smartphone is permanently affixed to her hand, she finally found her niche when she joined Blackboard Mobile Product Marketing in June 2010. Emily feels passionately about the importance of education as well as the potential for mobile learning to enhance face to face instruction and make learning more engaging. As a Gold member of various airlines and hotel chains, Emily plans to visit 50 states and 50 countries before she turns 50. She especially enjoys the architecture, warmth, and hospitality of the Middle East as well as testing out which Spanish-speaking countries understand her Spanish.

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Stephanie Burton

Product Marketing Manager, Blackboard Mobile

Stephanie is a Bay Area native who studied Business Administration and Marketing at Arizona State University. As a Product Marketing Manager on the Blackboard Mobile team, she is responsible for market research, content creation, and brand management. Outside of work Stephanie spends her weekends exploring San Francisco, in constant search of the city's best shopping and pizzerias.